In case you were wondering…

I am Josh Dudek, a thirty-something year old engineer, currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio.  I’ve recently married that lovely gal you see in the picture, and clearly you can tell who received the better end of that deal (hint: it’s me.)  While I would never consider myself skilled, qualified, or of such importance to actually start a blog, I have found incredible fulfillment throughout my life by expressing my experiences and emotions in writing.  So while I hesitate to allow myself to be vulnerable through this site, God is teaching me that true humility is being available and obedient to His prompting, in order for others to be encouraged and encounter His goodness.  Ultimately, I hope this content points to something beyond me.  We were created with dignity and purpose.  The pure fact that God would create  me, sustain me, and allow me to experience this gift of life and love, is something ingrained upon my heart as grace given on a moment by moment basis… not for my own sake, but for His Kingdom and for reuniting creation with Himself.  My prayer is that you find hope in Christ… the ultimate and only fulfillment of purpose.


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