I don’t usually post about these things, but…

Contrary to popular belief and promulgated headlines, you don’t have to agree with every viewpoint to show compassion. Radical investment in relationship actually illuminates truth. But it takes effort. In our fallen state, relationship is not natural… but it is absolutely necessary. … More I don’t usually post about these things, but…


Little Empires

Control. We crave it. But are we willing to set aside personal ambitions, if it means just one would turn to Jesus? Our calling is bigger than our little empires. … More Little Empires

I am.

We need an external reference, and if that reference point is something or someone temporal, the end point of how we see ourselves is also… temporal. How differently would you live life if you understood there is a Creator who loves you enough to allow you find your IDENTITY in relationship with Him? … More I am.

Distant Plans

God has a plan for you. But NOT at the expense of His promised life and calling in the present.

The truth is… there is no higher, bigger, more influential, or more important calling than where God has you currently. Period. … More Distant Plans